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The Gritty Mama’s Guide To Mental Toughness

Join an online training program personalized for overworked, undervalued women like you who are ready for the resilience, confidence, and attitude to handle everything that comes your way — just like what a high-performance athlete needs to perform at their best.

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Developing A Healthy, Resilient Mindset Changed My Life...

Hi, I’m Julie! 

As a single mom of 8 beautiful kids, building mental toughness was not my top priority a few months ago. But then my husband left, asking for a divorce, and my life changed in an instant.

All of a sudden my kids demanded my time and attention. School. Sports. Church. Meals. I became overworked. Especially for a mama like me who loves the hustle.

I was simply trying to show up for my kids while managing the mental, physical, and financial overload of divorce lawyers, a broken wrist, bills…(you name it)

I lost my identity. 

That’s when Jeff reached out.

Jeff Meyer is a peak performance flow expert who has worked with well known professional and Olympic athletes, to Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 Executives, and Universities. Jeff trains individuals and teams to develop high-performance flow mindsets, including how to tackle the challenges of life and motherhood with ease.

I discovered how to use heart intelligence, a positive mindset, and self-talk to become a Gritty Mama.

A Gritty Mama with the mental toughness, resilience, and attitude to handle everything that comes my way - just like an athlete performing at their best!

Now I’m still developing grit every day. And I’m still in the thick of the journey we call motherhood (and life) but I’m already showing up as a completely different woman!

Somewhere between the dirty diapers, errands, and packed calendars…

Just imagine…

  • Removing the hurt to achieve healing
  • Showing your kids how strong a woman (and mama) can be
  • Developing more patience, love, and kindness towards yourself
  • Building resilience towards future struggles
  • Feeling proud of your own achievements
  • Gaining self-confidence and reliance to independently build a thriving family and business

When I focused on my mental transformation first, I found myself again and experienced all of these major wins and more.

And I want that for you, too!

So that’s why I’ve worked with Jeff to build the ultimate mental training for Gritty Mamas like you…


Elite Mental-Performance Training Program

This online training program will show you how to develop confidence, grit, and independence in all areas of your life, while reclaiming a gritty mama identity you can be proud of.

Here's what's included:

  • Mental Toughness Training with Jeff Meyer

  • Mental Athletics Playbook



Mental Athletics Playbook

Our comprehensive playbook will be your companion throughout the training program.
It's filled with exercises, worksheets, and practical tools to help you implement what you learn and track your progress.
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Your Plan for Developing Mental Toughness as a Gritty Mama

  1. Join Gritty Mamas: A Mental High-Performance Training
  2. Build mental resilience
  3. Become a Gritty Mama and show yourself and kids how strong a woman can be
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Don't let the demands of motherhood hold you back any longer. You deserve to thrive, and the Gritty Mamas' High-Performance Training Program is here to make that happen.
Embrace the opportunity to rediscover yourself, build resilience, and take control of your life. 
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